Honda North 2010 – 11/15/09

Further developments on the new Honda North in Butler include the initial layer of asphalt, roof insulation in preparation for roof completion, as well as grading of the interior.  Installation of the building materials should be priority over the next couple of weeks in an effort to start enclosing before the lower temperatures come.  The contractors of AssociatedContinue reading »

Honda North 2010 – 11/8/09

Our project continues to progress at an awesome rate with fantastic weather on our side, and an incredible team of professionals addressing every detail.  Honda North 2010 is in full swing with foundation and framing complete and, weather blessing, will lay sub-base down for the parking lot this week.  The complete framing of the newContinue reading »

Honda North in Butler, Pa ranked as top women friendly dealers in Pittsburgh

Honda North in Butler, Pa has recently been ranked as one of the top 5 most women friendly automotive dealerships in all of Pittsburgh, as well as other areas of the United States by the members of evaluates automotive dealers in 4 areas of experiences, including Browsing, Purchasing, Service, and Overall experience.  Honda North hasContinue reading »