Here we grow again!!!

Things have been extremely busy here over the last several months and we are pleased to have developed an additional 3 acres of land right beside our existing 5 acres.  We purchased this land with plans for future expansion; we just didn’t realize that it would be needed within 6 months of being in our new dealership!  Our inventories have grown considerably and we continue to sell at an impressive rate.  We have thanked you in the past for your consideration and you patronage, but would really like to express to you how grateful we are for how warmly you have received us.  We would not be here without you and we love serving you and making you smile.  Thank you! Our new upper lot hosts approximately 2.7 acres of additional parking for about 300 vehicles and sits just east of our dealership.  Over the past couple of weeks, over 140 tri-axle dump trucks brought in over 6.4 million pounds of crushed limestone to this new lot.  Our plans are to asphalt in the spring.    Please keep track of our activities here, as well as on Facebook and Twitter!  Honda North Sales and Service can be reached at 800-786-2756 or


 Please take a look at some of our latest pix!  It was exciting pushing a bunch of dirt around again.