Honda North 2010 – 10/22/09 progress

Progress continues on our new dealership on the intersection of Kreiss Rd. and Rt. 68 in Butler.  For the past month, much of what has been occuring has been moving of dirt and leveling of ground, in addition to the completion of the foundation.  The work that has been going on behind the scene has been fantastic as well.  It has been an incredible experience planning and executing exactly what goes in to building a new Honda dealership.  We are currently covering such details as:  Site lighting plans, full electrical plans, surviellance plans, and more.  Being that we are covering nearly 4 acres in asphalt, executing the details on the underground wiring/ pipe laying plans is important right now.  

Soon the erection of the building will occur and noticable progress will move more quickly.  The next photos that you are likely to see should show the building skeleton and shape should start to take place. 

Honda North can be reached at 800-786-2756 or at